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Retired Breeding Cats


Unfortunately, one aspect of breeding for that "perfect cat", makes it necessary for breeding cats to be retired, from time to time. In my experience it is because a particular cat, once neutered/spayed, has been pushed down the pecking order or is just not happy in a multi-cat household anymore. Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to rehome these cats and find them new and loving homes, in a normal family situation, where they can live out the rest of their lives happily. Once neutered, these cats can make loving, happy pets and can quickly adapt to their new circumstances.

As all my cats have been indoor only cats, this is what I will be trying to achieve when rehoming any cat in the future. As all retired cats that are looking for that special home will be neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated and wormed a fee will be asked. They will, of course, be used to dogs, but in certain circumstances some cats will prefer to be the only cat in any new household.

Any cat that needs a new home will be placed on this page. If you feel you could offer a retired breeding cat that special new home please email for more information. Take a look at the next page to see how my cats have settled in with their new owners.

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