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Rehomed Cats


On this page you will find photos of all my rehomed / retired breeding cats that have found wonderful new homes. I thank everyone of you who have offered such a home and thank you for sending me updates and photos of my babies. ENJOY


Laska is now living with Katherine @ February 2013
Laska has settled down very well with Katherine in her new home and is obviously enjoying the garden



Juneau has now found a new home with Cassie @ April 2012
Juneau @ July 2013
Juneau @ January 2014



Magic is now living with Andrea & Luigi @ April 2012
Magic is now living with Andrea and Luigi and I think these two photos show how well she has now settled in to her new home.



(FIFe European Champion & TICA Grand Champion Lyndongraey My Fair Lady)
D.O.B. 19 November 2002

My beloved Peaches has found a wonderful new indoor home with Sylvia who is spoiling her rotten, above are a couple of new photos of Peaches. Sylvia is Ruth's mum who has Charlie from Magic's litter. Below is the latest update from Ruth. "Mum and Peaches seem to have settled into a lovely routine, in fact apparantly Peaches is being quite a pickle, she is racing mum to the armchair and jumping up before her. She also takes flying leaps onto mums lap when she is already sitting there. She sleeps on mums bed every night and races into the room when its bed time, and she loves her brushes. Its really funny to hear mums tales and it certainly seems to be giving mum something to focus on."

Thank you Sylvia for giving Peaches such a lovely home where I know she will be getting 100% attention which she deserves.



Cinnamon & Spice are now living with Gary & Min @ August 2010
They have settled in really well, Cinnamon spends most of her day chasing things, running around and generally causing a mischief and Spicey is much more relaxed, likes lying down and generally lazing about, she now sleeps on my lap during the evening and Cinnamon goes to Min when she wants a fuss.

They are now chasing each other up and down the stairs and very quickly :)



Erin & Cicada are now living with Helen @ December 2009
Erin @ February 2010
Cicada @ February 2010



Willow (Lunaris Peggy's Sue) has been living with Jason since February 2009

Willow @ December 2009

Willow is well. She is, as you'll remember, very lively and wants to hunt all the time. She still loves pens for some reason. Her favourite "prey" is currently a screwed up ball of plain paper. Never mind the catnip mice and so on :-) Just about all of her sleeping is in the top of the cat tree, as you predicted. She will usually follow me around the place, and likes to be in the same room as me most of the time. She doesn't follow visitors around, but she's quite friendly with them after a few minutes of getting used to them. She's not a lap cat as such, but she does tolerate the occasional cuddle and will happily roll over on her back to get her tummy stroked, purring her head off. Perhaps she's mellowed with age?