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Our Siberian Girls


Photo by Bob Fox

FIFE Champion Lyndongraey Irisa (Rainbow)
Seal Tortie Point Tabby
DOB 16 August 2010

Photo by Bob Fox

Photo by Bob Fox
I would like to introduce Tatyana, or Tati for short, she is so full of mischief how could she not stay, she is a seal tortie tabby colourpoint. I hope that Tati will follow in her mum's pawprints and give me wonderful kittens in the future. Watch out for more photos as she develops.

GCCF Champion & FIFE Champion Vesna Sibirskaya's Liliya
Black Tortie Mackerel Tabby with White
DOB 07 May 2009
We would like to introduce, Liliya, our new girl to you all. We have been waiting for her for a long time and are extremely pleased that she has settled in so very quickly. She is another cat from the Vesna Sibirskaya cattery in Holland, (thank you Esther, she is brilliant). As you can see from the above photos she is a beautiful Black Tortie Mackerel Tabby and White. She has wonderful boning, lovely broad chest and a lovely rich colour to her coat with the correct texture. I love her expression, her round face and her beautiful green eyes and look forward to bringing her out on the show bench later this year, she has already acheived her first CAC in Holland & Best In Variety.

She has a wonderful temperment, that reminds me of my Vassiliy, and I hope that she passes this on to all her kittens.

Vesna Sibirskaya Anastasia
Blue Tortie Point with White
DOB 27 June 2004

As you can see from Anastasia's photos she is a beautiful Blue Tortie Point with white, with beautiful blue eyes bred by the Vesna Sibirskaya cattery in Holland.

Anastasia has a wonderful temperment that she passes to all her kittens


Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Anastasia's sister, Anya on 5 June 2008, she is now looking down from Rainbow Bridge - goodnight sweetheart.