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Our Siberian Boys


GCCF Imperial Grand Champion, FIFE International Champion &
TICA Triple Grand Champion Lyndongraey Grigori

(Black Classic Tabby)
DOB 29 July 2010
Riga wondering what all this white cold stuff is all about @ February 2012

I would like to introduce our new home grown boy, Riga. He is a wonderful Black Classic Tabby boy. He has wonderful boning and stunning green eyes and I hope will make a significant contribution to the Lyndongraey Cattery in the future. Watch out for more photos as he matures.
Riga has now acheived 24 Best of Breeds, 9 Best in Show Adult wins and 6 Overall Best in Show SLH at GCCF shows, he is the only adult Siberian to have achieved this success and the first ever GCCF Champion, Grand Champion and Imperial Grand Champion and I am so proud of my little "star" !!!

GCCF Champion & FIFE International Champion Lyndongraey Vassiliy's Star
(Cream Colourpoint)
DOB 04 April 2009
Nikolai enjoying the snow @ February 2012
Nikolai became a FIFE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION on Sunday 07 November 2010 at The Winners Show, he is the only Colourpoint Siberian boy to acheive this title at shows in the UK - we are extremely proud of him. He also became the first GCCF CHAMPION colourpoint male on 25 January 2014.

GCCF & FIFE Premier Lyndongraey Vassiliy's Gift
(Blue Spotted Tabby)
DOB 04 April 2009

Tuvia in the snow @ February 2012


Nikolai and Tuvia are from Vassiliy's last litter before he had to go to Rainbow Bridge, they have their fathers wonderful temperament and character and I feel sure will continue to give me wonderful kittens in the future. Vassiliy lives on in my two boys.

Lyndongraey Mischa
(Red & White Spotted Tabby)
DOB 03 May 2012

Another home grown boy, Mischa has joined the Lyndongraey Show Team