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Previous Field Spaniel Puppies


We thought you may like to see some of our previous puppies in their new homes,
so a big thank you to all the new owners for these photos.


Ridgetor Grey Owl x Lyndongraey Blue Berry
DOB - 08 June 2009
Eva enjoying her walk among the bluebells @ May 2011
Eva enjoying the beach @ May 2010
Buzz on his first fishing trip
@ March 2010
Buzz on his first fishing trip
@ March 2010
Buzz and his family, mum Topaz, granny Darcey, uncle Seb and Buzz
Buzz and family @ August 2010
Mayzee & Forrest @ April 2010
I think the difference between an ESS and a FS can clearly be seen
@ April 2010
Forrest spying on Mayzee @ July 2010
Forrest ready for Halloween
@ October 2010

Ridgetor Kite x Lyndongraey Blue Berry
DOB - 31 July 2007
Blossom only has eyes for Dad !
@ October 2010
Blossom after a hard day !!
@ October 2010
Ollie after a lovely walk on the moors
@ April 2012
Ollie out on the moors
@ May 2012
Zola @ February 2013
Zola and best friend, Frank
@ February 2013

Rhiwlas Woodcock at Soberhill x Rhiwlas Witchcraft at Lyndongraey
DOB - 8 September 2005

Photo by David Tomlinson

Photo by David Tomlinson
Topaz at Broadlands Game Fair - Her claim to fame so far is that this photo appeared in the Shooting Times
Topaz on the run @ July 2006

Photo by David Tomlinson

This is Topaz, at the Broadlands Game Fair in July 2006

Molly & Topaz
July 2006

Mishules Geordi La Forge x Rhiwlas Witchcraft at Lyndongraey
DOB - 31 January 2004
Archie @ August 2009
Sebbie @ August 2009
Archie & Sebastian @ November 2011
Archie - the cool dude @ May 2012
Florence & Dylan @ January 2013


DOB - 24 November 1999

Our singleton puppy, unfortunately we do not have any pictures of Harry
(Lyndongraey Winter Oak) available at this time, but he is living happily with Maureen & Ken in Bedfordshire.