Field Spaniels, Maine Coons & Siberians



Maine Coon Kittens



All kittens are born in a quiet bedroom and are approximately 9 to 10 weeks old when they are brought downstairs to get used to the home environment, becoming accustomed to household noises, e.g. television, washing machine and the vacuum cleaner. When they are old enough they also mix with all our adult dogs and cats, under supervision.

All kittens will be ready to go to their new homes at 14 weeks of age, after been neutered / spayed and having had a full course of the necessary vaccinations, which will also include FeLv. They will all have had 3 health checks with my vet when they have had their vaccinations and neutering, but I always recommend that kittens should be taken to your vet within the first 48 hours of going to their new home, after this time we can not accept any responsibility for the kittens health. Kittens also leave us with the benefit of 4 weeks free insurance with Pet Plan, (which we strongly recommend that you continue with), food, litter and an information pack.

All kittens will be registered with either The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), The International Cat Association (TICA) and / or Felis Britannica (FB) and will be registered on the non-active register.

Maine Coons are very sociable with people, other cats and dogs etc. and because of this I would never recommend one living as a lone cat with someone who is out for long periods during the day. All my cats and kittens are indoor cats only. Please do not ask for a Lyndongraey kitten if you are going to let your kitten outside unsupervised.