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Our Maine Coon Boy


Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Merlin on 30 September 2009,
he is now at Rainbow Bridge


Photo by Valentina Koulagina & Anatoli Krassavine
(FIFe European Premier / GCCF Premier /
TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter Satinmist StarAttraction)
D.O.B. 16 May 2000


Georgie Georgie Georgie . no, your eyes are not deceiving you Georgie is not a Maine Coon but a fantastic Black Silver Spotted British Shorthair, who is the first and only British Shorthair to have achieved the above titles in the UK.

He is a bit of an old softie, who is now looking very lost without his best friend Merlin, who sadly left us for Rainbow Bridge on 30 September 2009.

Bred for us by Isla Worsley-Waring of Satinmist British Shorthairs and a little star in his own right. A lovely even temperament but can be stirred into action when cat play gets a bit rough. Little Mr. Dynamite, loves company and attention, he often sits on your lap and loves to paddle with his front paws - a bit like kneading dough.

Congratulations are in order as George has acheived 2nd BOB British Shorthair in TICA North Europe Region for 2004 / 2005 show season, not bad for two shows.