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The Lyndongraey Kennel had a quite year this year.

The year started off in the snow in February and in December we seem to be under snow again, which all the dogs enjoyed, as you can see from the photos below.


Topaz and her two sons, Finlay and Forrest attended the Blindley Heath Country Show in May, on the Field Spaniel stand and took part in the Gundog Parade. We have never seen such bad weather, the rain never stopped and the mud was knee high, but the dogs enjoyed themselves.


We attended our first show for a long time this year, taking Topaz and Sebastian to the South of England Gundog Club, they didn't do to badly considering they haven't show for such a long time.


Then in November we attended Discover Dogs to man the Field Spaniel Booth on the Saturday, we took Darcey, Sebastian, Topaz and her son, Forrest all the dogs again seemed to enjoy their day out.



Sebbie enjoying the snow
@ December 2010
December 2010
December 2010
Darcey enjoying the snow
@ December 2010



Once again we represented the Field Spaniels at Discover Dogs at Earls Court on 13 November 2010. It was quite a family affair as we had 3 blue roans and 1 liver roan on exhibition. We took Darcey, who is mum to Sebastian and Topaz and Forrest who is Topaz's son. Below are a selection of photos of the day.
Sue chatting to members of the public
Our Stand
Mother and son, Topaz and Forrest
All the dogs, Darcey, Sebastian,
Topaz & Forrest
Forrest, Sebastian & Topaz
Forrest at the end of the day




Topaz - 2nd Post Graduate
Sebastian - VHC Open

Judge : Ms. Gretal Osborn (Elgert)



Topaz and her two pups, Finlay and Forrest took part in the Gundog Parade at the Blindley Heath Country Show on 2 May 2010. The weather was dreadful but we all survivied. (This is last years photo, awaiting 2010 photo)