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Hello and welcome to the home of Lyndongraey Siberians.

My name is Lynne and I live with my partner Ray, in a small village on the Surrey, Sussex and Kent borders, within easy reach of the M25 and only 23 miles from Central London.

We have owned Field Spaniels for over 20 years and in 2003 we acquired our first Siberian. We show our cats and dogs on a regular basis with the addition of training our dogs for field work.

We are a small kennel / cattery and LYNDONGRAEY is registered with The Kennel Club, The International Cat Association (TICA), The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and Felis Britannica (FB).

All our cats and kittens are indoor cats only. Please do not ask for a Lyndongraey kitten if you are going to let your kitten outside unsupervised.

We are extremely proud that the Lyndongraey kennel / cattery can say that we have achieved a number of firsts.

From 1 June 2011 Siberians can compete for Intermediate Certificates and Best of Breed. I am really proud to say that Lyndongraey Gorislava and Lyndongraey Grigori are the first adult Siberians in the UK to be awarded their IC's and Grigori was awarded Best of Breed, he then went on to win Best in Show SLH adult, he has now achieved three Best in Show wins, the only Siberian to have done this. This is the first time that Siberians were allowed to compete against other SLH cats and my boy went on to win it - way to go Riga !!!

From 21 June 2013 Siberians can compete for Challenge Certificates (CCs) and I am really proud to say that the Lyndongraey Cattery is the first ever cattery to have a GCCF Champion, Grand Champion and Imperial Grand Champion. My little star Riga has achieved 29 BOB, 9 BIS SLH Adult & 6 Overall BIS SLH.

We are the only cattery in the UK to have owned a blue golden Siberian who has achieved the titles of TICA Supreme Grand Champion & Fife European Champion, DSM (Distinguished Show Merit) and also Cat of the Year 2007. Vassiliy achieved 16 Best In Shows, 24 Nominations and 1 Best in Variety in his show career. His son, Lyndongraey Vassiliy's Star has now acheived the title of GCCF Champion & FIFE International Champion, Nikolai is the only Colourpoint to achieved this title in the UK. We also have the first and only Silver Spotted British Shorthair to have achieved the following titles : TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter, Fife European Premier and GCCF Premier. We now own 4 European title holders from 3 different breeds and 2 Supreme Grand Champions from 2 different breeds.

In 2005 we were the first kennel to do a mating of liver roan to blue roan and get a complete litter of blue roan puppies something that has never happened before in the breed.

We hope you will enjoy looking around our web site, which we update on a regular basis, if you wish to contact us please email or leave a message in our Guest Book.

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